About Us

Leap Like a Salmon is a people development business that specialises in online continuing professional development (CPD).  Providing a platform for CPD using leading-edge technology and our expertise in professional development.

The business was founded by Karen Waite, a professional development specialist with a vision of how continuing professional development (CPD) could be more dynamic, engaging, and time efficient.

An early adopter and innovator of e-learning and learning technologies, she has revolutionised their use in the world of professional development, with the creation of the CPD Hub platform, a tool that has made Leap Like a Salmon one of the go-to companies for capturing and managing professional development.

More than a system, we are a team of professional development experts, providing bespoke CPD support tailored 100% to you, and access to our industry leading tool designed to capture and manage the entire CPD process, and inspire learners to engage in their development.

We are your partner in learning and development, helping your organisation to support your people’s CPD with personalised support, and powerful tools, guided by professional development experts.

Committed to enabling anyone, anywhere, to meaningfully engage with their continuing professional development, we work with both organisations, and individuals exploring their CPD independently of a business.

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More comprehensively recorded CPD is proven to assist in accelerated career progression

The approach and commitment of our professional development experts

At Leap Like a Salmon, we’re dedicated to adding value to both the organisations of our customers, and the learning experiences of the individuals we support.

To ensure you get the best out of our CPD Hub platform, our team of professional development experts are with you every step of the way, to encourage engagement and provide insights, resources, and masterclasses to support you.

We are a group of experienced practitioners with an impressive, diverse range of skills, and a wealth of experience.

It’s this impressive, combined experience that has helped to inform not only the creation and development of our CPD Hub Platform, but our fresh, personalised approach to bespoke CPD support. This is a key part of our approach, and one of the ways we continually exceed customer expectations.

By gaining a deep understanding of your business and its learning and development requirements, we’re able to personalise our service and platform to your organisation and its changing needs.

As your partner in professional development, our team of professional development experts keep you updated with insights and progress reports to better support your organisation, and help you achieve your goals.

We extend this same tailored approach to individual learners exploring CPD independently of a business, whom we help to provide a richer learning experience with a personalised tool that is ‘just in time, just enough and just for me’, and the support of our professional development experts.

Our team of professional development experts

Our business model is one that extends our team, as we work with a range of professional people, administrative, and technical individuals to ensure we have a range of colleagues that contribute valuably to our business.

Karen Waite

Karen has a passion for technology-enabled learning and a vision to revolutionise and personalise online Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  As the founder  of Leap Like A Salmon, she challenges perspectives and champions change, to encourage self-awareness, reflection and engagement. A Chartered Fellow of CIPD working with her professional body as an Assessor and Chief Moderator.  She has considerable enthusiasm, experience and skills in leadership, change and professional development.   She is committed to her own CPD and continues to look for richer and more rewarding learning opportunities.

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Lauren Seward

Lauren is an experienced HR professional, having designed and implemented a number of wellbeing and development programmes for managers and directors. Fully qualified in the application and interpretation of occupational psychometrics, and a Chartered Fellow CIPD.  Lauren has been an integral part of Leap Like A Salmon from the beginning and continues to bring a fresh perspective and energy to the business. She is the Lead on wellbeing, having developed the wellbeing wheel and keeps content current and relevant.  Her own CPD is extensive, covering academia, industry and voluntary sectors.

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Joe Kendall

As the key developer for Leap like A Salmon Joe has been instrumental in the continued development and maintenance of our website and ePortfolio functionality. Joe has a range of skills within technology and media and solid experience in industry. He manages the digital/technical requirements of our website and eportfolio, keeping it current and accessible.

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Georgie Starkey

As the marketing lead for Leap Like A Salmon, Georgie brings over ten years of marketing experience to the team. With a varied marketing background working in agency and in-house teams, Georgie has gained a well-rounded knowledge of multi-channel campaign management. This wealth of experience and enthusiasm in the marketing sector is supported by Georgie’s strong organisational skills and ability to think outside the box. Away from the office, you’ll find Georgie walking on the Yorkshire moors with her black Labrador Finn or playing netball in the Harrogate League.

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Our Purpose and Values

We strive to inspire learners to be engaged in their continuing professional development, help increase their self-awareness, and establish a positive, collaborative, and reflective approach to learning.

Our innovative and collaborative approach makes us the perfect partner to our customers, encouraging creative and inspirational ideas to drive more value, and deliver greater results for their businesses.

Leap Like a Salmon greatly value humility, and we pride ourselves on being self-aware, open and always listening to feedback and insights, kind, and appreciative of others’ strengths and contribution.

Our entire team of professional development experts act with uncompromising honesty and integrity, in everything we do.

Whether you’re an organization, or a learner exploring your CPD independently of a business, we’re a team you can trust.

Given the ‘Best Online Educational CPD Training Services award’ in 2020 by the Education and Training Awards, if you’re looking for bespoke support of trusted professional development experts, and a powerful tool to digitally capture and manage CPD, contact our team at Leap Like a Salmon today.

More About Your Partner in Professional Development

Beyond inspiring a step change in the capture and management of Continuing Professional Development, Leap Like a Salmon Founder and Director, Karen Waite, works to champion change, self-awareness, reflection, and engagement in everything she does.

She has considerable experience in management and professional development and has designed and implemented programmes for all types of businesses, at various levels of management.

When not working closely with Leap Like a Salmon’s clients, and leading our team of professional development experts, Karen is a Chartered Fellow of CIPD, and works with them as an Assessor for CIPD Membership Experience Assessments, as an End Point Assessor, and a Chief Moderator for the new qualifications.

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