What is Leap CPD Hub?

We usually do not stop and think about how we learn, as it is a natural and constant process where we participate in many different events and activities everyday. We do not necessarily learn anything from these experiences, as we are often quite unaware, passive or behaving in habitual ways. We often only recall any exceptional or unusual events.

LEAP CPD Hub provides the solution to your CPD management requirements whether you’re an individual or organisation.

Imagine the benefits

There are thousands of benefits to having all your CPD plans, records and files in one place. Thinking of a way to support your staff with their continuing professional development?

  • All your CPD development records and plans in one place which means you will be more efficient and have easy access
  • Always safe and secure to maintain your CPD portfolio which means you can be confident that your data is secure
  • Helps you establish best practice and develop life-long skills which means you demonstrating your commitment to CPD
  • Share on social media or with your colleagues and invite feedback which demonstrates your currency
  • Encourage a culture of reflective practice which means you will be more aware of your learning
  • Sector experts on hand to assist via blogs and questions which means you are able to ask your questions and get advice/support

Membership options

More comprehensively recorded CPD is proven to assist in accelerated career progression

Our cycle demonstrates the process we go through when we are learning and managing our development. This is a key model that will be used to assist you with your development and how it links to the different activities within LEAP CPD Hub.


Learning is a skill we use every day simply to live. We don’t necessarily think too much about our own process of learning and how we can develop this to increase our capacity for learning quickly and easily.

Consider what experience have you had?

Consider what new or incidental learning?


Stop and think about your learning experiences and consider ways in which you can improve and retain the good effects.

Consider what has been the impact of your learning on you and other people?

Consider if there are any key development areas resulting from this?


Having gone through this process you may need to plan further development or put in more detailed plans to continue to get good results. This should help us to establish this process for our own continued professional development.

What are your next steps?

How are you going to support your career?


When we assess we should be reflecting on the experience and how that made us feel as well as the achievement.

Consider what does that tell me about myself?

Is this important to me and do I need to adjust things?

LEAP CPD Hub is already changing the way companies and individuals manage their CPD