What is Leap CPD Hub?

CPD Hub is a personalised learning platform that provides learners with the CPD tools to capture, manage, and plan their continuing professional development.

A digital, personalised portfolio that intuitively assists learners in storing CPD plans, records, and files, connecting learning experiences, collaborating, and reflecting on their learning and development, CPD Hub is an industry-leading platform revolutionising the world of learning and development.

At Leap Like a Salmon, personalisation is a vital part of our approach to providing bespoke support and CPD tools for organisations like yours, supporting your most valued asset: your people.

More than a system, we’re your partner in professional development, tailoring our support and personalising our CPD Hub platform to your organisation, its learning and development requirements and changing needs.

Committed to offering anyone, anywhere, the CPD tools and support to engage meaningfully with their professional development, we offer CPD Hub memberships for organisations and individuals exploring their CPD independently of a business.

CPD Hub enables you to:

  • Capture and manage activities to support professional development
  • Store and organise all CPD plans, records, files, and reflections
  • Access to a platform personalised to be just in time, just enough and just for me.’
  • Engage with insights, masterclasses, resources, and support from our CPD experts
  • Access CPD files and resources online, anytime, anywhere
  • Reflect on your wellbeing with our ‘Wellbeing Wheel’

Packed with useful CPD tools, CPD Hub also features a “Groups” function, which enables learners to collaborate with others within your organisation, share their CPD knowledge experience, and help encourage and engage one another.

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More comprehensively recorded CPD is proven to assist in accelerated career progression

The benefits of our CPD tools

Our CPD Hub platform helps you empower your people, encouraging them to engage in their continuing professional development.

Capturing and managing the entire process – our tailored platform provides learners with many powerful CPD tools in one place to support their continuing development.

Easy to access, the CPD hub is a timesaving, engaging solution that helps learners maintain their personal and professional learning and development, establish reflective practice, and demonstrate professional competence.

CPD Hub provides your organisation with an overview of your peoples’ development plans, enables you to track their progress via generated reports, and demonstrates compliance to professional bodies or for auditorial purposes.

Our CPD tools also help to engage your people and improve their performance.

As your professional development partner, your people’s wellbeing is important to us. That’s why CPD Hub includes a Wellbeing feature, which enables learners to monitor how they feel and provides your organisation with feedback on your team’s wellbeing.

This is especially useful for larger teams, remote workers, sole traders, and individuals exploring their CPD independently of a business. It can help identify employees requiring support around wellbeing to ensure your teams are engaged and connected.


The Leap CPD Process

The extensive experience of the Leap Like a Salmon team has led to the creation of our Leap CPD Process.

Our model is designed to assist individuals in continuing professional development, making them think about their learning, guiding them through their various learning activities in the CPD Hub, and showing them how best to use its powerful CPD tools.

Based on the traditional, four stage CPD Cycle, Assess – Plan – Do – Review, our Leap CPD Process provides learners with a more dynamic and fluid framework that more accurately represents how CPD is now managed in today’s digital and ever-shifting working environments.

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Our process is easy to remember, just think ‘LEAP’ – LEARN | EVALUATE | ASSESS | PLAN


The learning stage helps learners consider different learning styles and preferences and empowers them to be more self-aware and engaged in continuing professional development.

This stage helps learners identify how they learn most effectively and prompts them to use the CPD Hub platform to record their learnings and its powerful CPD tools, like the Reflective Journal, to note their thoughts and insights.


The evaluation stage is where learners consider how the outcomes of the learning stages can be applied to their learning and development in practice and how they can apply new learning approaches to their continuing development.

This stage helps learners to consider the learning and development they have recorded or collaborated with and what they might need to do differently going forward. Detailing this information in CPD Hub enables learners to review their progress and continue to expand their knowledge.


In the assessment stage, learners reflect, considering what the learning means to them and the changes they’d like to make.

This stage provides learners with the opportunity to be reflective practitioners. It prompts them to use the CPD hub to add a reflective comment in the Recorded Activity tool or even a detailed journal using the Reflection Area.


Learners review their learning and development in the planning stage and reflect on their progress. Committing to a plan is essential to ensure learners make the progress they desire.

One of CPD Hub’s many powerful CPD tools is our Plan Template, which offers a fantastic framework for learners to create and review their plans.

Though the planning stage is the last in our LEAP process, it can also be used as a preliminary step to assist learners in identifying what they want to achieve across their CPD journey and how to approach it best.

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