Why is professional development important? … Illustrated Infographic

Professional development is an important part of
encouraging employees to stay loyal to your company or enterprise. It helps them to feel fulfilled in their role instead of looking at opportunities elsewhere.


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How to achieve SMART goals

At the start of the year most people are thinking about their plans to develop their business or themselves, set a new goal or set of objectives.  So how is that going? Here are some thoughts and tips to help you. Our January theme is: ‘#GetOrganised’. What better way to start getting organised in 2019 then to clarify your own career journey?

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Reflection – Is it a skill?

Reflective water

What is Reflective Practice?

It may seem strange to consider reflection as a skill, however when you consider that it is an active process, that requires effort and practice, it will change your perception from seeing reflection as a surface level reaction to a more considered and deeper thought process that really is a skill that should be developed. Continue reading

How CPD supports financial services professionals

financial items on table

It is easy to think that after several years in your field as a finance professional, that you are beyond entering the classroom anymore. For accountants and professionals in the financial sector though, there is still plenty of learning to come.  Continue reading

Saying no is important for success. Is it the same for your CPD?

Everybody prioritises on a day to day basis. What differs between individuals is not whether the process exists but how well they do it. Prioritising is not just about organising, it is also about how you focus and choose the tasks, work and activities that you partake in. Continue reading

Why do I need to do CPD?

In this article the necessity and importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is explained. It is clear that for most professionals in the education, construction, SME and professional services sectors to have a high chance of reaching ambitious career goals: CPD is crucial. It is a need and it’s not optional. Continue reading