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Leap Like a Salmon are here to support your business’s learning and development initiatives, and help you put your people first, with industry leading CPD technology, tailored support, and even bespoke training. 

We are CPD specialists with a background in training delivery, strategy, leadership, training programme development, and continuing professional development, helping to make learning personal, challenging, inspiring, and engaging.

Our experienced team are committed to helping maintain, improve, and broaden your people’s skillsets and knowledge bases, and help them commit to their own learning and development, in an ongoing process of reflection and action.

We recognise that engaging in continuing professional development in an effective way can be a challenge, which is why our industry leading CPD technology (the CPD Hub platform) makes it easy to capture and manage CPD, and helps engage learners in their learning and development in a meaningful way.

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CPD Hub is constantly reviewed and updated to provide the most comprehensive suite of tools available, in one safe and stable platform

This makes us one of the go-to companies for capturing and managing continuing professional development. Our CPD technology has been a step-change in the world of learning and development.

While our CPD Hub platform is our flagship product, our capabilities stretch further, enabling us to offer you support across managerial and professional development, change management, personal development, and so much more, on a consultative basis.

Whether you’re a business leader from an organisation looking to put your people first, or an individual exploring your CPD independently a business, we have the expertise, tailored services, and CPD technology to support you.

Beyond our CPD Technology

Your partner in professional development, and truly committed to delivering support 100% tailored to you, your business, and its exact requirements, we can design and provide training sessions designed around your needs, to drive the results you want to see.

Our team have not only amassed an impressive, combined experience in the world of CPD, training program development, and training delivery, we also have extensive leadership and strategic experience, at all levels of business.

So much more than our CPD technology, whether you’re looking for consultative support, or bespoke training, Leap Like a Salmon can help.

Our Most Popular Training Courses

Perhaps your training requirements aren’t especially complex. Perhaps you don’t require a bespoke training course designed to cover a range of specific complex business areas.

Explore our popular training courses below, and if you can’t see the training you seek, get in touch with the Leap Like a Salmon team today.

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Managerial and Professional Development

This one-day session will help learners be more self-aware of their learning needs, and understand the importance of self-awareness in their ability to grow and explore their continuing professional development.

Our “Managerial and Professional Development” course helps to establish a solid foundation on which to continue to develop, and guides participants to complete a development plan.

Covering individual and experiential learning, self-assessment and personality at work, development planning, visioning, and future planning, participants also receive access to our industry leading CPD technology, CPD Hub, to capture and manage their CPD.

Insight on Effective Management of Change

“Insight on Effective Management of Change” is a one-day introduction follows on from Kotter’s 8 stage process for managing change.

Learners will explore the many aspects involved in change management, including preparing, implementing, enabling, and communicating for change. The course also covers the huge impact of culture, as well as evaluating and sustaining change.

It’s an interactive session with lots of examples and case studies to support the learning and help participants to implement the outcomes of the course.

As is the case with all our training courses, participants also receive access to our industry leading CPD Hub platform.

Explore Your Personality

In this one-day course, we help participants explore their personality using the renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) model.

Our “Explore Your Personality” course enables participants to reap the benefits of a greater understanding and appreciation of their personality.

Helping learners to capitalise on this understanding to be happier, healthier, and more successful in their personal and professional lives, the course helps to improve communication, the interpretation of information, decision making, and much more.

Course participants receive an individual MBTI® questionnaire to complete prior to the session, the outcomes of which will be discussed and explored throughout the course.

Upon completion of the session, participants will receive a full report, documenting their learning and development, as well as access to our industry leading CPD technology, CPD Hub.

Presentation and Pitching Skills

In our essential one-day “Presentation and Pitching Skills” course, we look at levels of confidence, and the techniques to present and pitch effectively.

It’s a very practical session that provides learners with the essential skills of presenting and pitching.  The course also grants participants access to our power CPD technology, CPD Hub.

Time Management and Assertiveness

This one-day session provides participants with insights to help them better understand their challenges with time management, and includes practical tips and techniques to overcome this issue by being assertive, and by prioritising and planning.

As is the case with all our training courses, participants also receive access to our industry leading CPD Hub platform.