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Reflection can help us manage stress, build self-awareness, and develop our critical thinking skills. This July we’re excited to hold a Mid-Year Reflection Challenge to help you make reflection a habit.

Join us on our LinkedIn page to develop reflection skills to maximise career progression and build your confidence. Every day in July over on our LinkedIn page, we’ll post a task that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Each task is designed to help you develop the skills needed to make reflecting a daily habit.

See below to find out what our challenge has in store for you:

Missed the series? It’s not too late to complete the challenge, follow our 21-day plan and see how reflective practice has changed your perspective at the end of the challenge.

What is reflection?

Reflective practice is an active process that will change your perceptions. You’ll go from surface-level reactions to a more considered and profound thought process.

The benefits of reflective practice are:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Develop creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Enhance your learning and development
  • Boost your confidence

As with other aspects of learning and development, reflective learning requires a personal approach. Developing your individual approach and learning from it is the best way to maximise your progression.

The Gibbs Models of Reflection is one method used. It is a cycle of reflective practice that allows learners to transform their perceptions by following a simple cycle:

reflection is it a skill
The Gibbs Models of Reflection

This reflective cycle goes beyond the basic description of what happened. It involves feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis and a conclusion. Most importantly it includes an action plan to ensure you either continue the good practice or learn from it.

For more on reflective practice, visit our blog, “Reflection, is it a skill?

We hope you enjoy our LinkedIn Mid-Year Reflection Series July Challenge. At the end of the challenge, do let us know if, after the 21-day challenge, it has changed your perspective, improved your confidence and built self-awareness.

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