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This college used our system for their PGCE cohorts, where previously they were using paper based portfolio’s. Our system allowed them to be more collaborative, in having all their development plans, record, feedback, and knowledge sharing fully online and in one place. It was validated by the External Verifier and also once completed the students could still continue to use their portfolio to continue their professional development.

“Central to teacher training is the Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) which supports the development of trainees’ progress in relation to the Standards set by Education and Training Foundation. As a teacher training provider we were in search of an e-portfolio that would provide us with an official representation of trainee teachers learning experience and skill achievement, moreover trainees needed lifetime access post qualification. In September 2015 we made the transition over to the Leap like a Salmon e-portfolio system. Leap like a Salmon is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed through a computer/laptop, mobile or tablet device. With this flexibility trainee teachers can stay in contact with one another anytime, anywhere. As teacher trainers we are able to have instant access to all of trainee’s progress against each of the teaching standards. Adopting Leap enabled us to update and streamline our process of tracking our trainee’s development and improving their engagement.”

Karen Black, Curriculum Leader, Workforce Development and HE School of Professional Studies