How we can help

Develop your knowledge and skills through online CPD

With a background in training delivery, strategy, leadership, training programme development and continuing professional development, we believe that learning should be personal, challenging and inspiring.

Our expertise led us to develop our customised and credible online CPD Hub, which supports the capture and management of learning and development.  If you attend any of our training courses or events you will have access to your own CPD Hub for free. Interested in a demo?

This is what we can help you with:

  • Training needs analysis, strategy and development programmes.
  • Delivering skills training for managerial, leadership and professional development.
  • Personality assessment and team profiling with Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) model.
  • Online platform to capture and manage learning and development

Here are a few of our popular training events that you can book onto, please contact us with your requests:

Managerial and Professional Development

In this one day session you will  be more self-aware of your learning needs and understand that it is key to continue to grow and establish continuing professional development. This session establishes a solid foundation on which to continue to develop, with an individual development plan completed.  It covers, individual and experiential learning, self-assessment and personality at work, development planning, visioning and future planning.

Insight on effective management of change

A one day introduction that follows Kotter’s 8 stage process for managing change.  You will explore the many aspects involved in change management including, preparing, implementing, enabling and communicating for change.  Also the key impact of culture, evaluation and sustaining change.  It will be interactive with lots of examples and case studies to support and implement.

Explore your personality

This one day course is an exploration of your personality through the renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) model.

Our personality shapes the way we prefer to communicate, interpret information, make decisions and approach our lives.  Understanding our innate personality type can be hugely enlightening, enabling us to better appreciate the way we are at our best and how we can capitalise on this understanding to be happier, healthier and more successful in our personal and professional lives.  Understanding our personality also helps us recognise situations that are more challenging and stressful for us, and can lead to solutions that work with, not against, our own strengths. Prior to the course you will receive an individual MBTI® questionnaire to complete.  The outcomes of this questionnaire will be discussed and interpreted during the course, and you will receive a full report after the course.

Presentation and Pitching Skills

This is a key area and over one day we would look at levels of confidence, and techniques for both presenting and pitching. It will be a very practical session and will enable you to be effective in both of these skills.

Time Management & Assertiveness

A one day insight to understand your challenges with time giving you practical tips and techniques to gain more time through being assertive, prioritising and planning.

Please contact us with your requests or if you would like something customised to your organisation’s needs, please do contact us with your enquiry.