In a hectic world, it is common to feel as if you are unhappy or in need of self-fulfillment. Maybe you feel as if you do not have enough

material wealth, or your relationships are not as you desire them to be. You may easily catch yourself wondering, “If I just had this, I would feel happy”.

The truth is, self-fulfillment does not always come from material things.

Fulfillment is a mentality, and happiness runs abound, around and inside you when you can find contentment and inner peace.

Here are 7 implementable steps that you can take to lead a more fulfilling existence quickly.


1. Immerse yourself in an environment of positivity

Your level of happiness to a large extent is linked to the environment you are in.

Assess your current relationships and decide whether certain individuals are net positive or negative connections. If you find that many people are holding you back or contributing to your own bad habits or have vastly different values to you, then stop associating with them. Diplomatically… of course!

Instead you should reach out to those who are going to support you and your ideas and encourage positive developments and habits.


2. Conceptualise your success and go for it

What you don’t do determines what you can do. #leap #cpd


Creating goals for yourself across different areas of your life allows you to focus and consequently: achieve. To do this you need to complete your plan ensuring it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. This will increase your motivation and commitment to ensure you make progress. 

Quantifying goals makes in this way makes them more tangible. And more tangible goals makes them more practical. And more practical goals are more reachable.


3. Celebrate

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Some personalities are more susceptible than others in regards to forgetting to appreciate what they have achieved. Regardless, everyone from time to time forgets to celebrate what they have done in a way that is useful for reflecting and improving on reaching their goals. From a professional development perspective simply increasing the frequency of the right kind of celebration can be extremely effective in pushing people towards their goals.


4. Take Control

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Have you ever heard of the Locus of Control theory?

It stipulates that there are two key attitudes to one’s life and life situation: internal and external. These exist on a spectrum and not as a dichotomy.

A person with an internal locus of control believes that they are responsible for their life and their actions and that events follow logically based on their own interactions with the environment and others.

Someone with an external locus of control on the other hand believes that they are a product of their environment and that their personal situation is out of their own control and that they are helpless to change their circumstances.

Dreams come true when you follow them and take the leaps necessary to get to well-defined, ambitious and realistic goals.


5. Be (very) helpful (though do not let it take over your life)

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Sharing your time, money and skills with those that will benefit from them will increase your level of personal fulfillment. This is because these activities increase the amount of purpose one has in the world. By contributing to others lives, internal life satisfaction increases.


6. Practice routine self-care

Take care to look after yourself.

This includes:

  • Eating a healthy and nutritious, varied diet.
  • Keeping clean and well groomed.
  • Getting a reasonable amount of sleep.
  • Getting a regular amount of exercise, with periods of sustained cardiovascular and muscle exercises each week.

Ensuring that you commit to and structure the above routines into your life will allow you to more easily feel and be happy. Consequently, attaining personal fulfillment will be considerably easier.


7. Stay Positive

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While it may seem as if your life is dire at times, you must look within and acknowledge the aspects that are working well. Find the situations and people in your life for which you are grateful and that appreciate you, and focus on these.

This will not only help you to feel a greater sense of fulfilment,  you will also be able to see areas in your life which are lacking e.g relationships and then work on these to develop them to a greater extent.

Self-fulfillment does not happen immediately, it takes time and a consistent effort, but if you follow the above steps and take direct action to change your daily habits, you can become more fulfilled quickly and simply.

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