This is the fourth and last blog in our series, where we consider our wellbeing to continue our education on mental health.

Wellbeing is where an individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with everyday stresses securely, work productively and is able to make a positive contribution to the community. It is something that can be hard to get a grip of, once you do it unlocks a multitude of opportunities to develop yourself both professionally and personally.

This directly links with mindfulness as it is an opportunity to connect with the present moment, fully engaged in your experience, just as it is. Unfortunately, many of us find this a challenging state to achieve; instead finding ourselves focused elsewhere in our mind, with our actions and decisions then happening on ‘Automatic pilot’.

Being mindful is achieved by focusing your awareness on the current moment, whilst also accepting your feelings and thoughts on the situation calmly and effectively. Taking time out from technology, work or social settings and reflecting on your everyday experiences to gather what your limits are.  This will allow you to preserve and protect your mental wellbeing from situations that are toxic for you to handle.

One simple and accessible way to improve mindfulness is to introduce a habit of ‘three choices’.

At work and even at home we can be in mindless habits. These might include checking emails, accessing Facebook or reading news sites. This three choices technique allows us to stop, pay attention and make a conscious, mindful decision about the way we spend our time.

The process is simple. As we find ourselves turning to the time-pinching habits that we have, we stop, just for a few moments, and we focus on our breath.  Three breaths – in and out – not changing the breath in any way.

Then we offer ourselves three choices:

  1. Continue with what we are doing.
  2. Begin or continue with the piece of work that really means something, perhaps that we have been avoiding.
  3. Engage is a different activity that is in some way positive – making a cup of tea, calling a colleague, preparing for the next meeting…

These choices might not be immediately obvious to us, though there is a point… being more mindful about the way we spend our time requires us to engage in a choice as opposed to simply following patterns of behaviour.

Over time we might even find that the three choices come to mind before we find ourselves scrolling through instagram.

Not taking control of your wellbeing can make you become passive.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves lacking direction and occasionally motivation. The LEAP CPD hub assists you in capturing and managing your professional development.

Putting into practice the four stages of the process of learning; Learn; Evaluate, Assess and Plan, gives a well needed structure for users to adapt to and implement in their everyday lives.

If you’re inspired about capturing your wellbeing and you have tried the 3 choices to help further your mindfulness, then we’ve put together five tips to help you do just that:

Five Top Tips:

• Stay Connected

Take in your surroundings and focus your energy on developing the relationships with those who are closest to you. Be present in the moment and fully experience everything that comes your way.

• Coach Yourself

Take the time to identify the negative and positive aspects of your wellbeing and let that lead you into what your personal needs are so you can muster up an action plan to help you achieve those needs.

• Give, Give, Give

Be selfless and help others when the opportunity arises. This can help you build confidence, contribute to the community and help build social networks that could be important in the future.

• Stay Active

It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Making a commitment to small things like going for a walk at lunch time or going to speak to someone instead of emailing not only provides you with some daily exercise, also opens the door to more social interactions.

• Value yourself

Reflect on what you have succeeded in and take pride in the acknowledgement you receive from yourself and others that are involved.

What Leap Like A Salmon offers you:

The Leap Like A Salmon CPD Hub engages, encourages and motivates you to capture and manage your continuing professional development.

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, being a member of LEAP CPD Hub brings you a host of benefits. You’ll not only get the best value from your CPD plans and records, you’ll also open up endless opportunities for personalised CPD, support and expert advice.

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We hope in this series of 4 blogs you understand the way you think and how you can manage the negative aspects of this digital world. Having done your digital detox, continue to control social media and technology, so that you can be more mindful enjoy and benefit from it.

Thanks for reading, let us know what you think by leaving a comment, or if you have a question, please do contact us. 

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