What is CPD?

Continuing professional development is about you maintaining, improving and broadening skills and knowledge. It is essential in order to stay up to date with the latest thinking, within your profession, so you can be the best at your job. However, CPD is more than keeping up to date, the more self-aware you are the more informed and the more you reflect. The ability to apply these insights is key to enhancing learning, credibility, and confidence in raising standards.

We make the process of capturing and managing CPD as simple as possible. With our LEAP CPD Hub you can keep all your plans, records, files, reflections all in one place.

LEAP CPD Process

We usually do not stop and think about how we learn, as it is a natural and constant process where we participate in many different events and activities everyday. We do not necessarily learn anything from these experiences, as we are often quite unaware, passive or behaving in habitual ways. We often only recall any exceptional or unusual events.
The following model that is based on the CPD cycle shows the Leap CPD Process and how this cycle supports learning.

It’s an online hub that collects and organises all your career development and learning. It manages all the evidence that you need to demonstrate your development, all the material you use to plan your career development and all your thoughts and reflections. You can keep this private, or share with your peers as part of the community dialogue. That’s the benefit of on line CPD.

Your ePortfolio should be seen as a “tool for life”. Growing and developing as you move through the learning and working cycles of life, your e-Portfolio is the dynamic evidence of your professional development.

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