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We can’t believe it’s 4 years since we last put out a press release about ‘Leap Year’ to encourage you to use that extra day for

your own development.  So this time we have a proposition for you as those that do use that extra day for personal or professional development, will have the opportunity to use our online platform for FREE for 14 days.

We have a full additional day that we didn’t have last year, or the year before for that matter – and want to inspire you not to let this go unnoticed and to really think about how they can undertake an activity to extend out of their comfort zones and develop their skills, knowledge and experiences.

As an experts in career management and continuing professional development, we are enthusiastic about creating opportunities that not only benefit the individual, also add something to the world in whatever seemingly small way.  Many people think that CPD is just about attending work-based training courses or keeping up to date with the latest thinking for their profession, … it’s so much more than that.  It’s about being conscious of our learning, lessons from mistakes, knowledge conversations, collaboration on projects, social and micro learning and many more.  Often, taking a small step into the unknown, whether it’s taking on a new project, volunteering outside of the day-job or making the effort to do something you haven’t done before will ultimately result in a big leap in terms of perspective, opportunity and confidence – impacting on career and broader life in surprising ways.

We are really encouraging our team, network and members who use the Leap Like A Salmon platform to use the extra day this year to put this into practice.  This can be banked for any day of the year, and one of the team is breaking this down into 24 single hours to focus her mind throughout the year.

Our website https://www.leaplikeasalmon.com encourages you to challenge yourself and reflect on your learning and in our Knowledge Base we have resources you  can use to inspire you and develop your skills.

Volunteering is a way for you to ‘Pay it forward’ and give your time, skills and experience to a good cause.  We encourage all to get involved as it will give you the opportunity to enrich your learning and development through varied activities and roles that are available.

If you are looking for a challenge or want the opportunity to use your skills, stretch yourself or just give back, then consider some of the new experiences you can engage in within the voluntary sector and pay it forward.  There are a number of suggestions for activities and organisations and tips to consider to get involved in volunteering.

What are you going to do?  Let us know your ideas and commit to leaping into a new experience.  Remember you have the opportunity to use our online CPD platform free for 14 days.

Thanks for reading and please do comment and share, should you have anything you want to ask us, please do get in touch here

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Karen Waite

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