Ask the Expert is a group of people who are here to support your career and development through asking your burning questions. They are a mix of

practitioners, with a wealth of experience and range of skills and interests. They are available to give advice and support to you to assist you in your learning and development journey.

Tell me what you would like to know about?  This is a broad question and we have a team of experts in their field covering, learning and development, leadership, soft skills, continuing professional development, key performance indicators to name a few.

Why is this a great opportunity?  We usually do not stop and think about what we know or need to know, how we learn, and our future career progression. Learning is a natural and constant process where we participate in many different events and activities everyday. Asking questions helps build our knowledge and self-awareness.

We are pleased to introduce you to our first expert Ben Wilson and we are delighted that he has given his time and commitment to help you.

Area of Expertise :  Leadership / Manufacturing Operations Background

Ben has worked in a family business for over 20 years and took over from his parents with his 2 brothers Dylan & Syd in 2010. His steep learning curve began in 2010 and he has undertaken many leadership and business coaching programmes to help improve his own skills and the future of MPM. Since he took over in 2010 MPM have implemented ISO, KPI’s, development programmes for the team and doubled turnover.

View of continuing professional development (CPD) : If you stop learning in any form, you become stale and fall behind as the world is always changing. Learning creates new opportunities and must suit the individual as not everyone will learn in the same way and some will not like a more academic format. What’s stopping you? Be the first to ask Ben a question.

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We look forward to your questions and helping you with your career and development.

Many thanks

Karen Waite

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