FluidIT team, Andrew Charteris and Simon Middleyard (back row 2ndand 3rdfrom right) Karen Waite, Leap Like a Salmon (front row, centre)

 How one startup is driving business performance

Leeds-based Management Consultancy FluidIT applied agile philosophy to their collaboration with professional
development experts Leap like a Salmon.

When management consultancy FluidIT began to develop their talent practice they applied their agile principles. Although often described as a methodology for IT project delivery, agile is a set of values that inform organisational culture and management practices.

FluidIT Senior Manager Simon Middleyard said: “Agile is a more like a philosophy, one of empowering people by devolving decision-making to the level of expertise, and rapidly iterating solutions that are co-developed with customers. In this case, our own FluidIT team was the customer and we collaborated on the platform with CPD experts Leap Like a Salmon.”

Professional development specialists Leap Like a Salmon worked with FluidIT to trial implementation of the online solution – the LEAP CPD Hub. From FluidIT Business Analyst Andrew Charteris stepped up to lead the project. He said: “Helping people and seeing them improve is important to me, and this was an opportunity to advance my project management skills in implementing a business change, testing, customer feedback and stakeholder management.”

Andrew Charteris worked closely with Karen Waite, Director of Leap Like a Salmon, to understand and apply best practice in professional development and customise the platform’s functionality to fit with FluidIT’s growing business. A year on from the start of the project and the Leap Hub is fully integrated into FluidIT’s performance management structure. The business has developed a set of visible objectives and key results (OKRs) where every employee’s personal objectives and growth plans are directly aligned to the company’s objectives and customer needs.

Simon Middleyard said: “We’re driving business performance because every employee is empowered to work in a meaningful way, contributing directly to achieving our company’s goals.”

In the last 12 months FluidIT has grown their capability as a business and expanded into new markets.

Leap’s Karen Waite said:“Working with an IT Consultancy who focus on management of change and have a positive culture, has made the journey to develop a customised platform seamless. The team have an agile mind-set and have established their individual preferences in using the online Hub to capture their objectives, review progress and commit to their continuing professional development.  This has resulted in their increased confidence and self-awareness to achieve their objectives and has added value to their clients.”

The LEAP CPD Hub is a stable, secure online tool for managing professional development, objective setting and reviewing performance. It encourages a culture of reflective practice and sharing knowledge. It is adaptable to fit organisations and individuals and can be customised to specific needs.  To find out how the LEAP CPD Hub can help visit:



For more information visit Leap like a Salmon https://www.leaplikeasalmon.com/and

FluidIT Consulting https://www.fluiditconsulting.co.uk/


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