Being a LEAP Member gives you access not only to our online portfolio, LEAP CPD Hub, also to the expertise and support of our professional development team.

Six top reasons for being a LEAP Member

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, being a member of LEAP CPD Hub brings you a host of benefits. You’ll not only get the best value from your CPD record (past and future), you’ll also open up endless opportunities for tailored CPD, support and expert advice. Here are just six of the many good reasons to become a LEAP CPD Hub Member:

  • 1. Efficient, easy access to all your CPD development records and plans
  • 2. Demonstrate your commitment to CPD, best practice and lifelong learning
  • 3. Build your credibility by sharing and inviting feedback via social media
  • 4. Become more reflective and aware of your learning and development
  • 5. Get answers, advice and support from renowned sector experts
  • 6. Enjoy peace of mind that your portfolio is safe and secure

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Imagine the benefits of having ALL your CPD plans, records and files in one place?

Thinking of a way to support your staff with their continuing professional development?
LEAP CPD Hub provides that solution for you.

ALL your CPD development records & plans in one place

Which means you will be more efficient and have easy access.

Always safe & secure to maintain your CPD portfolio

Which means you can be confident that your data is secure.

Helps you establish best practice and develop life-long skills

Which means you demonstrating your commitment to CPD.

Share on social media or with your colleagues and invite feedback

Which demonstrates your currency.

Encourage a culture of reflective practice

Which means you will be more aware of your learning.

Sector experts on hand to assist via blogs and questions

Which means you are able to ask your questions and get advice/support.

Membership options:

We offer three membership options aimed at organisations and individuals. Our Organisation membership will give you an easy to use and secure system, that supports teams with capturing, managing and tracking their professional development. The Essential and Professional membership is available for individuals and gives a range of functions to support the capture and management of CPD. Please see the options and features below and choose the one that works for you. Should you want to trial the system, please do click here for a free 14 day trial.

Organisation Membership

Do you need a system that will assist your teams to easily capture and manage their continuing professional development?

Is it important for you that teams are responsible for their own development and share knowledge?

Our CPD Hub is the ideal solution for all your people to capture and manage their professional development, in one easy-to-use Hub. It will give your organisation a secure system, where your teams can plan, record, and reflect on their learning and development and track progress.

How to apply for Organisation Membership

You can get started now for as little as £8.75 plus VAT per month or contact us to discuss your development needs.
Please see the options and complete your details here.

Professional Membership

As a professional, it’s up to you to capture and manage your continuing professional development.

Our CPD Hub membership makes it quick and easy to manage your career information for as little as £9.17 plus VAT per month.

How to apply for Professional Membership

Please view and decide the right option for you and complete your membership here.

Essential Membership

At Leap Like A Salmon we’re committed to helping individuals with their development and careers. Our essential membership gives you a stream-lined version and covers the key areas to capture and manage continuing professional development for as little as £4.75 plus VAT per month.

How to apply for Essential Membership

Simply click here to complete your details and agree to the terms and conditions. If you’d like to discuss your development needs, please do contact us.

If your organisation requires more than 50 accounts please call us on +44 113 2576565

More comprehensively recorded CPD is proven to assist in accelerated career progression

LEAP CPD Hub is already changing the way companies and individuals manage their CPD

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