In May the city of Dubai is so hot and humid that you can forget the British weather and enjoy the heat… for a little while at least.   Although when teaching here, thankfully everywhere is air-conditioned so it is cool while you work.

I have been working in Dubai for three years and it still amazes me how much it changes each year. More building work, the largest ferris wheel being built out at sea, presents huge challenges structurally, with the architecture like a futuristic city, with no one building being the same, the tallest building in the world and the iconic Burgh Al Arab stands out in the landscape.

Friendly multi-cultural city and organised into areas for specific activities and so easy to find places, for example, education in ‘knowledge park’, doctors and hospitals in medical area, shopping malls, so everything easy to find and in one place.





I have the opportunity to work here each year in this amazing city, where I teach on the Exec MBA on the Managerial and Professional Development Module.

Bradford University has a satellite office in Dubai and are established in the area with their MBA for executives. I teach on one of the modules covering Managerial and Professional Development, which I look forward to each year.


Over 2 weeks I had 2 great groups, with the most diverse range of people, coming from all over the world, with huge expectations.   We had great fun, understanding how we learn as individuals and how organisations approach development and why its important to manage your continuing professional development. Personality profiling was a key area where we identified different types in ‘Myers Briggs Type Inventory’ MBTI challenging their thinking of themselves and future career, developments in social media and encouraging life long learning.


Tips on networking in Dubai

How to engage your learners :

  • Understand and meet their needs
  • Recognise the diverse culture
  • Make any training engaging and fun
  • Use a variety of activities and share the feedback to gain from each others experience
  • Give them opportunities to apply and reflect on their learning
  • Encourage use of an online system to dynamically manage their continuing professional development.

What experience have you got of teaching in Dubai?  Please do contact us and any feedback would be great.

Many thanks


Karen Waite




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