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So I feel as if I am procrastinating as I wait for it to be confirmed.

Is this one of your habits?  If it is, do you know why you continually put things off?

The foundation for changing your habits particularly with time management is to understand why you do something.  Self-awareness, feedback from friends, colleagues and family will help put that mirror up there so that you can see clearly what you do, start to understand why you do it and if it is important to you ….change.

A good principle for managing time is prioritising tasks effectively.  A simple guide is using the ABC tasks.

A tasks are long term goals which are:

  • Postive
  • Planned
  • Important
  • Future

B Tasks and C tasks are responses

B tasks are:

  • Reactive
  • Unplanned
  • Urgent
  • Maintenances

C tasks are:

  • Routine
  • Continuous
  • Schedules

So what order do you think and you are following?

Well the most effective way is A C B as this ensures the long term is considered and our routine maintained.



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