This is my first step into the blogmosphere and is a prelude to my main blog for my new company Leap Like A Salmon, coming soon.

My background is in human resource management starting in retailing and developing into leisure and the national health service before setting up my own management consultancy.  Currently I am a module leader for the MSc professional performer module and tutor on the MBA for University of Bradford School of Management.  A role that I am proud to have is that of Regional Verifier for CIPD for foundation and intermediate qualifications, which I have had for a year now.  Responsible for a team of 10 people covering 34 centres to date.  I am a fellow CIPD and specialise in continuing professional development (CPD).  As an expert and leader in the field of continuing professional development, I wanted to create the capture of CPD as an exciting prospect and use web 2.0 technology to challenge our thinking and develop solid development and life long learning.  Therefore, was set up to create a step change in the way we think and manage CPD and encourage reflective practice

Where did the name come from?

I had a lot of names that I thought of and would have liked to use but knew that it was important to have .com and which all of the names that I could think of did not. It was also essential that the name represented a fresh approach and challenge perspectives in learning and CPD.  I therefore commissioned a design company in Leeds Outside the Box (OTB) to come up with a name.   A very talented designer ‘Ian Kidson’ is the person who got what it was all about and briefed the team and the name was a bit of a risk as it was so different but to me it stood for what it was all about and was a metaphor for challenge, journey, achievement, and it was hoped people would just get it!

The journey so far and some of the lessons

When I reflect on some of my career achievements I realize that I am a risk taker, although not obvious to me and clearly driven to achieve.  This is a good back drop to start my new company as the journey has not been straight forward, as ever, but keeping focused on my goals, having a talented team and not giving up when the going gets tough has helped us get very near now to the launch of our website.

There still seems a long way to go but progress is being made and delighted that Sheffield Hallam University are building the portal and designing the website.

Some key lessons:

  • Ensure you have a well thought through business plan
  • Carry out research to confirm the market
  • Seek out the best people that are positive and support your product
  • Believe in yourself and your idea and/or product
  • If things go wrong, analyse, reflect, learn from it and regroup, but never give up.
  • Integrity is important, no matter what happens always keep yours.

That’s all for now, I will leave you with my favourite quote :

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right”

Henry Ford.

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