How do you view CPD? Is it important in your Organisation?

CPD is defined as a commitment to structured skills enhancement, personal and professional competence.

In contrast consider all the day in and day out activities that you do. Is some of this not also CPD? What translates it into CPD is being conscious and capturing it, using as learning experiences and not just experiences. When working with MBA students one thing that we get them to think about is what has been a most significant learning experience. In most cases this is not their degree or completing a course, mostly it is incidental learning and opportunities and bringing it to life makes it more conscious and real.

So consider your attitude to your own development and opportunities that present themselves to be more dynamic with your CPD.

To find out more, if you are attending the CIPD exhibition in Manchester, come to the Ideas Exchange at 2.30 on Wednesday 6th November, where I will be presenting on this topic.
Leap.Karen Waite.CIPD.Presentation

For your information the presentation slides have been made available. Should you have any questions, please do contact us or comment on our blog.

Many thanks

Karen Waite

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