Throughout the Leap Year, we all have an extra 24 hours … what are you going to do with yours?

We are encouraging everyone to engage more with their personal and professional development. We have a full additional day that we only have every 4 years and investing time on ‘you’ will bring a fresh approach and more time for your career.

Your time can be banked for any day of the year, or consider committing to 2 hours a month where you could focus on your continuing professional development (CPD) …. would that be too much to ask?  How much more value will you add to your career when you take the time to review and reflect on a regular basis.

What Can You Do?

Be active by planning an activity, maybe volunteering outside the day job or making an effort to do something you haven’t done before or a challenging activity you have always wanted to have time to achieve. This will ultimately result in a big leap in terms of perspective, opportunity, confidence, which will impact on your own learning, development and career.

So …. what are you going to do with your 24 hours?  Make it count and please do tell us and we can all share and benefit from your learning experience.

Karen Waite

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right”  Henry Ford



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