Welcome to our site.

This is the first day and the first phase of our website.  It was important that we were live as we wanted to start building our reputation and establish a presence on social media.  The 2nd phase is the e-portfolio and we will be bringing you our unique portal that will transform the way you manage continuing professional development.

This site would not have happened without the expertise, dedication and support of a few key people at Sheffield Hallam University, in no particular order: Ellie Lockley, Chris Roast, David Love, Paul Devine, Asif  Younis, Tom Sampson and Nick Waddington,  who are the main ones that have designed, developed and project managed this learning portal. Also David Patterson from Learning Light Limited,  who did the initial research and continues to support us.  So thanks to all of you for getting us there.

Any feedback that you have will be greatly appreciated and any ideas or questions please direct them to us.

The Community Experts are going to be a critical area to visit for advice and guidance.  If you have any questions for our experts then please visit their page and leave a question by clicking on the bottom section info@leaplikeasalmon.com or alternatively leave a comment or question here.

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