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If you read our last blog on working remotely from home in 2020, you’ll be aware of the multiple benefits that can be achieved with remote working. One aspect we touched on was an increase in productivity. To expand on productivity when working remotely, in this blog we’ll look at how better business decisions can be made out of the office.

A recent survey says…

Blick Rothenberg’s recent survey of 100 employers and 467 employees reported that 60% of employees wanted their workforce back in the office by December 2020, in comparison to 88% of employees who would rather work remotely for the foreseeable future. Mixing with more people and the risks associated with using public transport were cited as the main reasons but it also highlighted that working remotely suits people personally and professionally. And when we looked at five top tips to help make better business decisions, it was clear why working remotely could help businesses reach better decisions.

Source: The I Paper, Wednesday 2nd September 2020, page 8,  City Editor David Parsley.

5 tips to make better business decisions:

  1. Scrape off the jam and take a step back from the process. Don’t let the jam stick you down, pull yourself out of the day to day detail and try to assess the decision from a safe distance. 
  2. Relax. More often than not our gut holds all the answers and we all know you can only truly listen to your gut if you’re in a relaxed and calm environment. So take some deep breaths, put on your music of choice and let your mind escape.
  3. Change your scenery. Staring at a bare office wall isn’t going to add clarity to your decision making. Get outside, into the fresh air and move your body forward, this positive physical motion will get your mind whirring and will lead to better business decisions.
  4. Ask members of your team. And as per point three, their best ideas won’t come in a bare room, go for a walk or set up a socially distanced lunch meeting to go through the pros and cons in an active and inspiring environment.
  5. Use a decision-making tool such as SWOT analysis, a decision tree or a T-chart to visualise the process on paper. This will get the pros and cons out of your head, onto paper and help you look at the decision objectively.

Expanding on point two, it’s no secret that being outside can benefit your wellbeing and the benefits of nature don’t stop there. The two main colours associated with nature; green and blue, invoke feelings beyond our subconscious which in turn can help us reach balanced decisions.

Being outside is good for wellbeing

What does the colour green signify

Green is a cool colour that symbolises nature and the natural world. Due to its strong associations with nature, green is often thought to represent tranquillity, good luck and health.

What does the colour blue signify:

Blue symbolises feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.

Thanks to these two colours it’s clear to see how better business decisions could be made outside of the office. By letting green grass and blue skies flood our minds, a sense of calm, security and order will subconsciously take over. And it’s in this tranquil state that we will make the best business decisions.

Can being surrounded by nature help you make good decisions?:

An article in the Psychological Science journal examined the cognitive benefits of interacting with nature and found that being outside could help eliminate mental fatigue. Exposing your mind to ‘restorative environments’ could help it get back into gear, think clearly and make rational decisions.

So if you’re working remotely, lace up your walking boots at lunchtime and get a much-needed escape, a quick trip around the local park, down a local footpath route or even ten minutes sitting in your garden will relieve pressure and help you get clarity on issues bearing down on you. It’s something we practice at Leap Like A Salmon, and we can confirm that spending time immersed in nature can help re-ignite the mind, body and soul.

Nature Image

What’s to come from Leap Like A Salmon:

In October we will be focusing on wellbeing and self-awareness, so keep your eyes peeled to find out how you can take care of yourself in your personal life and reap the rewards in your professional life. Amongst other things, we’ll be sharing the wellbeing wheel with you and looking at how you can become a confident individual, effective contributor, a responsible citizen and successful learner.  

Get a head start and read up about benefitting your wellbeing and how to keep learning if you’re a small business owner as featured in a previous Leap Like A Salmon blog.

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