It was this time of year when my company was given the opportunity to be involved in an initiative with the ‘Ahead Partnership’ that

were supporting local businesses with the set up of ‘Business Support Local’ also known as ‘Board Room Local’. This is where I was involved with other businesses in action learning, meeting every 6 weeks.


It was a great opportunity to stop and think about an aspect of my business and to get unbiased objective feedback from like-minded people. It also reinforces how there is a lot of experience and support within the local community that if directed effectively will develop strong and creative businesses.

This experience was invaluable as it was like having a virtual board, so the accountability and responsibility without having to pay them … perfect!

As the first cohort we graduated and had our presentation which was attended by Steph Burras, CEO – Ahead Partnership, Rob Whieldn, Director of Small Business Programmes, Leeds University Business School, councillor Josephine Jarosz, David Taylor, Facilitor of BRL Amrit Choda, Business Broker, Ahead Partnership, Carolyn Townsley, Deputy Business Services Manager, Chamber and the local business team.

We are continuing as a group to meet every 6 weeks and support each other.

Thanks to the funders and business leaders for giving their time, advice and support.




Karen Waite

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