Week 6 & 7 Business Advice and Intellectual Property

Continuing with my development with Business Support Local, my learning this week is about advice.

I met with my business adviser Amrit Choda who is a Business Broker for Ahead Partnership. This gave me an invaluable opportunity to discuss my business, how I was progressing with my business plan and support required. Amrit has a vast range of experience and contacts and is committed and interested in helping businesses get the right route and further guidance. All this activity is part of a government initiative with Ahead Partnership, which is about unlocking social and economic potential.

Following our meeting it was clear that this is a partnership with further links and contacts to support business success.

What have I learnt?
Key learning is if advice is free, don’t assume it is not valuable. It is always good to be challenged, justify your actions and feel part of a community.

Intellectual property
This is an area that most people are unclear about and don’t invest enough time understanding how this relates to their business.

Attending a seminar on intellectual property was part of my continuing professional development to keep up to date and refresh my thinking. The topics of intellectual property covers, patents, copyright and trade marks, which are all quite distinct in what they do.

Did I learn anything new?
Having a refresher on this topic reinforced how we have got our intellectual property in place with our logo trade marked and copyright on our website in all the appropriate areas. If you have a website you need to review this important area to ensure you and your work are protected.

Please do contact us and let us know what you have been doing to support your continuing professional development or any learning.

Many thanks

Karen Waite

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