Week 2 – Action Learning

This week I had the opportunity to be part of Business Support Local, which is about helping local businesses identify and access business support. It is an initiative in partnership with Leeds City Council and Leeds University.

There are 11 businesses of varying sizes and stages of growth that participated in Boardroom Local with a focus to support and give of their advice. One of the core principles is trust and confidentiality, which was demonstrated throughout.
The key activity this session was an Action Learning Set, where I volunteered to be the first to do it!!

What is an Action Learning Set?
This is where an individual details a particular problem/opportunity/issue they are having within their business that they need support with. The group would then ask questions to understand the problem/opportunity/issue further but it is key that they don’t try to solve the problem or give solutions. This process develops with further clarification from each party and then the business owner completes an action plan with support from 2 members from the group. This is an active process, as the business owner needs to think differently and reflect on what has been said and then commit to action.

Having gone through this process it is a great opportunity to stop and think about an aspect of your business and to get unbiased, objective feedback from like-minded people. It also reinforces how there is a lot of experience and support within the local community that if directed effectively will develop strong and creative businesses.

This is only a brief overview of my learning this week, although it has had quite a significant impact on me. It is quite timely that I am involved in Business Support Local at the beginning of the year and in developing my 52 L.E.A.Ps as it will be the foundation on which I build a lot of the other activities.

What do you think to Action Learning? How can you use this in your business?

Please do comment or ask a question.

Many thanks

Karen Waite

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