World of Learning… So what?

After a busy week learning and teaching with Leeds Business Week it was straight into the online World of Learning with LinkedIn.

This training although free for a week does come at a cost … our time in order for it to be beneficial to reflect on our learning and apply it. So what did you learn and more importantly what have you done with it?

Firstly Leeds Business Week a seven day, 162 hour buzz in Leeds inviting everyone to engage firstly in a range of learning opportunities to keep us up to date and informed about latest trends and secondly to engage with each other through networking and support.

Spread over the week were over 100 inspirational events dedicated to business and the wider community. Offering a glade for business professionals to gather connect, share, encourage and motivate.

We were one of the four Yorkshire based businesses representing the Yorkshire Training Group. Pioneering the latest thinking in HR Practice. As always it was great to be involved and to leap ahead with continuing professional development.

Secondly the online sessions on World of Learning were very wide ranging in topic, the ability to choose a longer/shorter course dependent on the time you have available, whether a full course, taster clip, or 10 minute video, all were well presented and engaging.

It was easy to navigate, find topics of interest and of course a range of suggestions and trends to follow. I chose to engage with two presenters. Firstly Brad Batesole who is a Google partner and works on LinkedIn for on digital marketing. This was really useful content, bite sized and clear. Brad’s key message is to allot a clear amount of time to individual activities as without time allocation, it is like trying to navigate a city without a map.

I completely agree Brad in that modern society is becoming increasingly fast paced, distracting and almost deafening with digital noise. Therefore we need to use our time effectively to plan our activities. #Youfailtoplanyouplantofail

Secondly Bill George Professor Harvard Business School Professor, discussed the importance of self-awareness, encouraging self reflection, professional development and feedback. He reminded the audience that we live in a fast paced world and it is essential to take the time to review and as the saying goes ‘stop and smell the roses’, and to actually appreciate what we have and what we have learnt. Key message – everyday take time to reflect for only 20 minutes, stop all distractions and have time to think about your day, relax and refresh your thinking.

We live in a world where we often don’t have to think. Thanks to cookies and keychains, bookmarks and history our preferences are often remembered, and suggested. However we need to take back our right to think for ourselves.

So What … all this learning … how are you going to capture and reflect?

We have the solution for you with our online, dynamic and secure e-portfolio that allows you to keep all your learning and development in one place.

We offer you the opportunity to add your thinking and reflection to a journal, which is part of the functionality of the portfolio. Please see a preview here and please do contact us for a demonstration :

As a follow-up we have a team of experts on learning and development who are here to assist you with your questions about learning, development and career. What do you want to know ?

We look forward to supporting you as always with your learning and continued professional development.

Many thanks

Karen Waite

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