Small Medium Enterprise Expert

Debbie Larner

In that time she developed expertise in in a number of areas including housing and asset management, resident engagement, health and safety (specifically building safety post Grenfell). She has also co-led research into the future of social housing, stigma and stereotyping in housing and the role of the housing professional. She developed the professional standards for the housing sector and, as part of this work has a strong interest in how individual continue to learn and develop and adapt to change. She is an experienced public speaker, Chair and trainer.

Area of Expertise

Housing; equality, diversity and inclusion; professionalism

Two professional achievements in the last 5 years

Creating a professional toolkit to embed professional cultures, values and behaviours across housing organisations

Developing a suite of professional standards which provided a foundation for professional practice and behaviours for everyone working in the housing sector


  • All things housing!
  • Politics 
  • Professionalism 
  • Learning and development

View of continuing professional development (CPD)

We need to move away from thinking of at as a bolt-on and think of it as “what we learn everyday doing the day job”.