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This sector covers, legal and financial, where we have experts to assist you with your professional development and capturing, managing and sharing your knowledge.


Solicitors Regulation Authority after many many years of prescribing what to do for CPD changed these requirements from November 2016. According to SRA solicitors are required to undertake ongoing CPD and learning activities to ensure their ‘Continuing competence’ within the legal profession. This means that solicitors must reflect on their practice, and undertake regular learning and development so their skills and knowledge remain up to date.

As this is a significant change we are in the process of conducting research with a number of law firms to understand the impact and how they are capturing and managing their CPD as a result of the changes. We will be publishing our white paper on the results and should you like a copy please let do contact us.

Accountancy Financial and Insurance

There are a number of professional bodies covering this sector all with different CPD requirements, which makes it quite confusing and difficult to track. We provide one system to keep all your CPD updated for all of the professional bodies.

How we help you

We make the process of capturing and managing CPD as simple as possible. With our ‘Online Hub’ you can keep all your plans, records, files, reflections all in one place.

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Leap Like A Salmon have a team of sector experts available, who are a mix of practitioners, and educators with a wealth of experience and a range of skills and interests. They are available to give advice and support to you to assist you in your learning and development journey.

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