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The World Economic Forum’s latest report on education has revealed large gaps in students’ skills around the world. According to the study, too few students get the education they need to prosper in the 21st century and employers can’t find the volume of skilled workers they need for global success.

Good teachers teach, great teachers transform.

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Our colleagues in colleges and universities in the UK and worldwide constantly tell us that skills development is an ongoing challenge, and at Leap Like a Salmon it’s a challenge that’s close to our hearts. We assess your training strengths and gaps, offering insights and guidance on the right development path for you and your teams. If you wish, our resident experts can help directly, designing and delivering tailored CPD, and of course, we can add value for you with the many benefits of the LEAP CPD Hub.

Digital platforms and social networks are transforming education, and research offers substantial evidence that online learning technologies enhance the learning experience and correlate with higher levels of learner engagement.

How we help you

Make the most of your CPD records

We make the process of capturing and managing your CPD quick and easy. With our online LEAP CPD Hub, you can keep all your plans, records, files and reflections all in one place.

Ask the Experts

Our resident construction experts are here to help with all your professional development and accreditation queries. Got a question? See more about our experts here and ask contact them directly!

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Training and development

Our learning cycle summarises the process by which we assess your development needs, plan your training, deliver the learning, review progress and help with implementation. We have an excellent track record with organisations and a unique combination of knowledge, capability and experience to manage your training and development at a strategic level.

Education CPD FAQ

Why do Education companies need online CPD?

To keep up to date with their professional development and having a system online makes it easier to capture and manage.

What type of Education sector employees benefit the most from CPD training?

All benefit, as there is no one type, some may have a Professional Body that they have to demonstrate how they keep current with their CPD.

How many hours of Education sector CPD is recommended?

This varies and relates to what your Institute requires and your role/responsibility.

How/when can I develop my skills for Education training that supports my CPD?

Being aware of your own training needs will identify where your gaps are and what you need to develop. You can then decide how you will do this and when.