Online CPD is revolutionising the ‘Construction Industry’ as the focus is on learning and not paperwork. Increasing self-awareness will allow us to reflect on our own development and apply this knowledge. Which will raise the profile of the Industry improve standards and motivation for continuing professional development.

We have been working with the construction industry for several years and have seen a shift towards professionalism and a commitment to CPD.

This is supported by the first survey from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) into Continuing Professional Development (CPD) amongst construction professionals. 1,549 CIOB members took part in the survey, of which the majority work in a senior management position.

The key findings from this report indicate that 89% of construction professionals view CPD as important, very important or essential to their employment. Respondents highlight improved knowledge (66%), greater personal effectiveness (54%) and better job performance (46%) as the key benefits to undertaking effective CPD.

CIOB 2012

This is very encouraging as continuing professional development is about maintaining, improving and broadening skills and knowledge. It is essential in order to stay up to date with the latest thinking, within your profession, so you can be the best at your job. However, CPD is more than keeping up to date, the more self-aware you are the more informed and the more you reflect. The ability to apply these insights is key to enhancing learning, credibility, and confidence in raising standards.

How we help you

We make the process of capturing and managing CPD as simple as possible. With our ‘Online Hub’ you can keep all your plans, records, files, reflections all in one place. We are validated by ‘IPAF’ and ‘PASMA’ for audit purposes, which reduces duplication, saving you time.

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