Reasons to Join Leap

As an Organisation you will be able to proactively and efficiently manage your employees development and engage, monitor and evaluate staff remotely. Promote staff development leading to better staff morale and a motivated workforce. Help maximise staff potential by linking learning to action and theory to practice. Using our system evidences corporate investment in development projecting a positive company image and learning culture.

Thinking of a way to support your staff with their continuing professional development. This system will provide a solution for you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Portable and accessible wherever there is WIFI
  • Information is safe and secure
  • One system to keep all your development records and plans.
  • Establish best practice and develop life long learning skills
  • Links to social media
  • User friendly e-portfolio with a range of functions to support your development and career.
  • CV template which makes it easier for you to input/keep current.
  • Encourages reflective practice.
  • Engage with our experts through blogs and direct questions.
  • Share any aspect of your e-portfolio, with options for feedback.


Membership Options

We have a number of membership options for you to choose. Please click the link below to go straight to the one you are interested in.


Corporate Membership

Thinking of a way to support your staff with their personal development plans, training records or appraisals. This system will provide a solution for you to dynamically manage this information. Interested? Please click the option below to complete your details.

Corporate membership is a package price tailored to the size of your team, ensuring you get value for money for a large team of users.

Please complete your details here and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


Individual Membership

Make a commitment to your own development and manage your career information.
Individual membership gives you additional functionality than the CPD log and CV template that are available for free. You will also have the full use of the eportfolio where you can upload files, share your work, message internally and engage with special interest groups. There is a blog/journal function as well as links to social media to keep you current and up to date.

Please see the membership plans here to decide which is best for you.


Free CPD Log and CV Builder

At Leap Like a Salmon, we are committed to supporting individuals with their development and career. We are therefore, giving you the opportunity to have free access to our system to be able to use our CPD log, where you can record your development and track your progress. Also use of a CV Builder to keep you up to date as your career develops. This will allow you to access the benefits of a system for free to manage your continuing professional development and sustain your career and life long learning.
Please click here to complete your details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Click here to contact us to discuss your development needs.