What is it?

CPDContinuing professional development is about you maintaining, improving and broadening relevant knowledge, so that it has a positive impact on practice and the learning experience

It is a process by which individuals are committed to their own learning and development by engaging in an on-going process of reflection and action.

Principles of Development

  • It is a continuous process
  • You are responsible for managing your own development
  • Learning targets should be clear and reflect the needs of employers as well as the individuals goals
  • Learning is most effective when it is acknowledged as an integral part of all work activity rather than an additional burden.

My Learning Space

This is your own unique web-based e-portfolio, it will help you create a development space for all your CPD plans, records, files and reflections. Our online CPD hub will assist you with organising your learning and development and will support you in a dynamic and refreshing way. It is the next generation in on line CPD; faster, more connected, more up to date, more collaborative. Basically, continuous professional development more suited to a modern age.

What is an e-Portfolio?

It’s an online hub that collects and organises all your career development and learning. It manages all the evidence that you need to demonstrate your development, all the material you use to plan your career development and all your thoughts and reflections. You can keep this private, or share with your peers as part of the community dialogue. That’s the benefit of on line CPD.

How will it help my CPD?

Your ePortfolio should be seen as a “tool for life”. Growing and developing as you move through the learning and working cycles of life, your e-Portfolio is the dynamic evidence of your professional development.


Leap CPD Process

We usually do not stop and think about how we learn, as it is a natural and constant process where we participate in many different events and activities everyday. We do not necessarily learn anything from these experiences, as we are often quite unaware, passive or behaving in habitual ways. We often only recall any exceptional or unusual events.

The following model that is based on the CPD cycle shows the Leap CPD Process and how this cycle supports learning

Leap CPD Process

Leap Process / Cycle

Our cycle demonstrates the process we go through when we are learning and managing our development. This is a key model that will be used to assist you with your development and how it links to the different activities within ‘My Learning Space’.


Learning is a skill we use every day simply to live. We don’t necessarily think too much about our own process of learning and how we can develop this to increase our capacity for learning quickly and easily.

  • Consider what experience have you had?
  • Consider what new or incidental learning?


Stop and think about your learning experiences and consider ways in which you can improve and retain the good effects.

  • Consider what has been the impact of your learning on you and other people?
  • Consider if there are any key development areas resulting from this?


When we assess we should be reflecting on the experience and how that made us feel as well as the achievement.

  • Consider what does that tell me about myself?
  • Is this important to me and do I need to adjust things?


Having gone through this process you may need to plan further development or put in more detailed plans to continue to get good results. This should help us to establish this process for our own continued professional development.

  • What are your next steps?
  • How are you going to support your career?


Ask the Experts

The Leap Like a Salmon community team are a mix of practitioners, with a wealth of experience and range of skills and interests. They are available to give advice and support to you to assist you in your learning and development journey.

    • Karen Waite: The founder of Leap, Karen has considerable skills and experience in Professional Development
    • Simon Hester: 
Simon is a specialist in small business development
    • Lauren Seward: 
An HR consultant with psychometric accreditation
    • Richard Redhead: A Chartered Accountant with extensive taxation experience
    • Caroline Blythe: 
A market researcher with a considerable commercial portfolio
    • Ben Wilson: Managing Director of a manufacturing business with expertise in Leadership and key performance indicators.
    • Lorraine Lucas: – Head of Careers within a University

To ask an expert a question, click here to contact us.
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Leap into a new experience

If you are looking for a challenge or want the opportunity to use your skills, stretch yourself or just give back, then consider some of the new experiences you can engage in within the voluntary sector.

This will give you the opportunity to enrich your learning and development through having an experience that maybe out of your comfort zone however, very rewarding.

Consider: What you want to do? What areas are you interested in? Do you want to stretch your skills or learn new ones? How much time do you have?

Do-it is the UK’s premier website for volunteering and giving time, offering a searchable database of more than a million opportunities to volunteer.

Launched in 2000, Do-it is the most diverse and comprehensive national database of volunteering opportunities in the UK. The opportunities are provided by over 350 Volunteer Centres in England and more than 200 national and regional charities, representing 28,000 organisations.

Therefore click here to view the opportunities: www.do-it.org.uk