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We’re determined not to let the cost-of-living crisis impact your people’s development and knowledge.

We want to help, and there’s one way we can.

Free for 2023

In 2023, all UK-registered charities with under 23 employees can use our professional development platform for free.

Taking part in personal and professional development can build, develop and grow our confidence, skills, and abilities in and out of the workplace. To help you and your team develop new skills in 2023, we’ll give you full access to our professional development platform for free, for the whole year. No strings attached.

You can apply for an individual account or apply on behalf of your organisation.

Apply for a professional development account here or email

Why we want to help charities and voluntary organisations in 2023

Towards the end of 2022, The Charity Times reported on an exodus of staff from the charity sector amid a funding crisis. “This sense of exhaustion means that many dedicated people are considering their futures”. Reaching breaking point has been attributed to the cost-of-living crisis. Worries were further deepened this week with the government announcement that help to tackle soaring energy bills is being scaled back.

“Affordability has often been seen as a barrier to personal and professional development. We strongly believe it shouldn’t be this way and that’s why we wanted to help charity and voluntary organisations continue to prioritise their development in 2023.” comments Karen Waite, Founder and owner of Leap Like A Salmon.

“Our platform provides a safe and secure portal for learners to plan, record and share their professional development. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) does not always need to follow an official training course.”

Karen expands, “we encourage our members to record everything. From what they learnt after reading an educational blog, to recording knowledge conversations with colleagues, to reflecting on lessons learnt from mistakes. It’s not just about attending an official webinar, course or training programme to record your CPD.”

PS, it’s important for us to say…

We’re here to support you.

If you enjoy using our platform and want to continue on your professional development journey after 2023, we won’t charge you the full platform price to do so.

For UK-registered charities and voluntary organisations, we would look to agree on a reduced price that works for you, so you can keep prioritising your people’s professional development.

What does CPD mean?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Most see CPD as physically going on a course. Whilst this is correct, CPD is anything that makes you think, reflect and be more self-aware. CPD can be achieved through knowledge sharing, volunteer work, learning from our mistakes or attending events and conferences.

Practising CPD puts you in the driving seat. The skills and knowledge you gain will enable progression, increase your self-awareness and probably most importantly, boost your confidence.

If you work for a UK-registered charity or voluntary organization with under 23 employees, this is your chance to see how taking part in professional development can transform your learning and development, boost your confidence, and increase your self-awareness.

Just five minutes a day is all you need to start your CPD journey and continue your learning and development on our safe and secure online platform.

You can apply for an individual account or apply on behalf of your organisation – click here.

Terms and conditions:

For full platform terms and conditions, please click here.

Free for 2023:

Our development platform is free for the calendar year of 2023. At the point of signing up, we will not take any payment information from you. At the end of 2023, it’s up to you whether you continue using our platform. If you would like to continue using our CPD platform, please email to discuss.

As part of our free for 2023 offer, you can sign up at any point during the year to gain access. For example, if you join us in July 2023, your account will be valid up to and including December 2023.

This offer is open to all UK-registered charities with 23 or fewer employees. Voluntary team members can also apply to have an account as we appreciate how crucial volunteers are to your organisation.

We may ask for your employer’s registered charity number to process your application and create an account.

We look forward to hearing from you. Do get in touch and let us know if practicing CPD has changed your perspective, improved your confidence and built self-awareness.

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