About Us

Our Mission

We want to give anyone anywhere equal access and opportunity to engage fully with their professional development, inspiring great self-awareness and a commitment to CPD and lifelong learning that is captured and managed digitally.

Our Vision

We will inspire a step change in the capture and management of CPD. We will be the ‘Go-to’ hub for learning and continuing professional development.

Our values

Integrity, honesty, humility, collaboration, genuine, inspiring, innovative, curious, resilient, inclusive.

More comprehensively recorded CPD is proven to assist in accelerated career progression

Approach and Commitment

We are passionate about learning and continuing professional development and are really proud of the LEAP CPD Hub that we have developed to support its capture and management.

We are open and honest and add value to our customers. We are committed to give everyone access to our system to help support their development and career progression. This is why we offer access to our CPD logs and CV template as part of the free ‘Essential Membership’ package.

We have committed to our team of experts who are available to offer advice and guidance on their areas of expertise. This service is completely impartial and free of charge.

As well as providing a great service to our customers we work hard to be socially responsible, as demonstrated by our many voluntary and development support roles within the local business community.


Our business model is one that extends our team, as we work with a range of professional people, administrative, and technical individuals to ensure we have a range of colleagues that contribute valuably to our business.

LEAP CPD Hub is already changing the way companies and individuals manage their CPD